What i learned from Home-based 101 Workshop

This is the post excerpt.

There’s a lot of internet opportunities that a lot of people should try like affiliate marketing, blogging, be a youtuber and start your own community on facebook and a lot more. This workshop opened my eyes to a lot of great opportunities by just staying at home and doing what you love. There are also ways to earn from just blogging at home and just sharing your thoughts and opinion about a specific topic that you want to react to.

Pray For The World


What is happening to our country? Is so heart breaking to know that people from Marawi (part of the province in the Philippines) experienced so much sad or tragedy situation right now.

Philippines President Duterte declares Martial law in Mindanao.

We need to pray harder and hope that there would be no children, women, men and animals are harmed. But we can’t control the situation.

There are so many posts saying that the ISIS/Maute is blocking some exit points so nobody could go out of the city or the place. There are also tweets saying that the police were burned and they control the police station.

There are also many post saying that there are fire in a Mall in Taguig earlier today and there are also threats of terrorism. Is Luzon safe? We don’t know but please people if you don’t have anything to buy outside or to the mall please don’t go.

Stay safe inside your house everyone and please do pray for everyone’s safety.

How can someone be this cruel to others. It’s saddens me to know that there are children there.

We need some love. We need patience and endless understanding. We need to stand as one. We need to be strong in times like this.

Ariana Grande Concert at Manchester


Ariana Grande, who had a concert at the Manchester Arena was targeted in an attack on Monday night, has joined other celebrities in expressing horror at the events.

Ariana Grande, who was not hurt in the blast, tweeted that she was “broken. From the bottom of my heart. I am so sorry. I don’t have words”.

The article that I read said the estimated people who got hurt was around fifty people and there were children who are reported dead after the explosion within the foyer area that left thousands of people fleeing the venue.

This is a very sad news to the world. I hoped and pray that the rest of the people that went to ariana’s concert is alright and I also hope and pray that those who are injured will be healed soon.

I understand if she wants to not continue her concert tour this year for what has happened to her and let’s just pray for everyone especially those families who are affected by the incident.

PNTM Cycle 2 (This week’s episode)

After being sick and I’ve been busy with other stuff, I was able to watch last tuesday’s episode. I can’t wait for the next episode to be aired.


Ina won the best video of the week but in my own opinion she did a little too much acting on the video challenge. Her overall presentation was okay for me.


I like angela’s acting in my own opinion she did better than Ina for this challenge.


Adela did okay this week but she really needs to step up her A game on the next challenge.



So last Tuesday Janny was in the bottom two and she really need to book all on their next challenge.


Blaise didn’t make it to the Top Four but she proves that she has something but that wasn’t enough to make her stay.

Philippines’ Next Top Model (Last week’s episode)

I wasn’t able to watch last week’s episode because I was sick and I am focusing on my Online Shop and I am planning something small for my Youtube Channel. So, Here is last week’s OOTD and Swimsuit Challenge.


Angela is last week’s photo shoot winner and I think she did pretty well for this challenge. She’s connected to the other male models and she’s in a three weeks photo shoot winner, I almost forgot about that.


I am not a fan of Ina but I must give this photo of hers a thumbs up. That’s all I can say.


In this photo, I feel like Adela’s lacking something here and that’s what she needs to improve on the next photo shoot challenge.


My comment on Jani’s photo or pose is the same as my comment on Adela’s. I feel like they both lack expression on their faces in this challenge.


In this photo, I think Blaise lacks everything from the connection to the male models to her connection on this challenge photographer to the pose that she made.

Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman Tour Manila 2017


When I watched Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Tour in 2015, I promised to myself that if she will have another concert in the Philippines I want to get real close to her. I badly needed to buy my ticket for her concert because my cousin wants to go to other singer’s concert.



I want to see her as SVIP not VIP A or B. I need to save some money for this one. I hope they still have tickets left for me.